A car thief with a conscience… Or a good head on his shoulders…

Yet another tale of soft hearted thievery:

 A thief in Germany got the guilties and returned the car he had stolen after finding an 18-month old baby on the back seat, police said Friday. – [Yahoo/AFP]

Now if you’re just a small time car thief, I’m sure this would make for a very bad day. Especially if you’re the kind hearted sort. You really wouldn’t want to get stuck having to raise some careless ninny’s kids on account of your stealing their car. Seriously. Now you’d have two mouths to feed, school, bullies, medical and dental expenses to think of. And that’s all before college.

He was wise to return the vehicle. Babies are more trouble than they’re worth. But I found one thing just a wee bit odd. Nobody seemed to be miffed that the little tyke was left in the car, all alone, with the keys in the ignition…

Teething problems for German car thief with a conscience – [Yahoo/AFP]

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