A thieving iron worker with no shame…

Today we see an odd story about an unusual theft during an Iron Workers funeral:

A brazen thief who offered condolences at a memorial service made off with $10,000 collected for the family of an ironworker killed in a Las Vegas Strip construction site mishap, friends and family members said. – [Yahoo/AP]

Now what kind of guy steals from a funeral? Seriously.

“I hope the ironworkers don’t find him first,” Ruth Brown, Rabun’s grandmother, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She traveled to Las Vegas from New Orleans to attend the service. – [Yahoo/AP]

Which echoes my sentiments exactly. What kind of person steals from iron workers? And what kind of genious does it take to be an iron worker stealing from your fellow iron workers? You have to know that your chances of getting caught rise exponentially right?

If, as an iron worker, your gonna steal, why not steal from auto workers. Or dock workers. Or construction workers. Stealing from your own profession is just dumb. And bad form. People today…

He hopes ironworkers don’t find him – [Yahoo/AP]

2 thoughts on “A thieving iron worker with no shame…

  1. He might have been hungry. If that’s the case, it’s okay by me. Same as stealing bread for a baby…just as a funeral.

  2. I dunno man… If it were your fathers funeral, and a fellow iron worker came to you and asked for some cash for food, would you give him $10K in cash? Or would you rather he just steal it?

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