An explosive Russian temper…

Parents, this is what happens if you fail to teach your kids anger management:

“Inspectors wanted to check the papers of passengers who looked drunk, but he took out a grenade. He demanded the train should go to Vladivostok,” Ergasheva said.

Passengers were evacuated and negotiations with the police had started before Mikhail Ershov, 43, triggered the explosion, blasting out windows in the train carriage. – [AP/Reuters]

OK, Seriously, this guy is being a spoiled brat. You can’t just make a train go somewhere just because you want to. What about the other passengers? They’ve places they wanna be too. And then, you have those pesky things called rails. Trains need them. And they have to go where they go, otherwise really bad things happen.

But noooo, when the authorities tried to work with him, he decided to just blow himself up. Yeah.

He was probably one of those kids who told his parents “If you don’t buy me some ice cream, I’m gonna hold my breath until I die”. And his silly parents probably bought him the ice cream. Of course, in Soviet Russia, spoiled kids probably didn’t hold their breath. They pull the pin on hand grenades.

Man explodes grenade after ticket request – [AP/Reuters]

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