Baby takes over thanksgiving…

Today we have a story about a thanksgiving miracle:

An impatient baby ruined Thanksgiving dinner for a family which then welcomed its newest member on the road to the hospital. Minyon Brister said her contractions started Thursday as she bent down to put the turkey in the oven.

“The pain just started,” she said. “And I knew it was time.”

Before she could get to Natchez Regional Hospital from her Woodville home, however, Mykayla Jalyin Gaines arrived in the back seat of her stepfather’s truck. – [Yahoo/AP]

Well, you certainly can’t accuse this kid if not having impeccable timing. I’ll bet she thought it would be funny too. And then on top of that, shes gonna get birthday presents on Thankgiving. Talk about giving thanks.

Only one thing bothers me about this article. Did they have to say she “ruined” Thanksgiving dinner?!? The baby wanted to help with the turkey. Was that so wrong?

Woman has baby in truck on Thanksgiving – [Yahoo/AP]

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