Burglary should not be this hard.

Today I bring you a story about a burglar. A burglar with a great plan. But abysmally poor execution:

A burglar who tunneled under a wall to access a Coquille tire shop did not have a good exit plan. The burglar was unable to remove anything because the tires were too large to fit through the mouth of the hole. – [Yahoo/AP]

Now come on. This plan is near perfect. With a tunnel, you can get in and out of the store without having to worry about ever being seen by a passers-by in the middle of the night. You are pretty much able to do whatever you want. Seriously. Great plan. Except for one thing. The freakin’ tunnel has to be large enough to take whatever it is you are trying to steal.

It’s a really simple concept. What is the deal with the shoddy, half baked criminal plans of late? If I were going to go through all the trouble of digging a tunnel to get access to some target store, I would darn well make sure that I had a means of taking as many valuables out of there as possible. Apparently, that wasn’t forefront on this burglars mind.

People today. Seriously…

Tunnel tire burglar fails to plan exit – [Yahoo/AP]

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