Computers: Going to the dogs?

It appears that mans best friend may soon share our love for technology:

In a recent study published in Animal Cognition, researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria taught four dogs to use computer automated touch-screens in order to carry out classification tests, theoretically eliminating any “potential human influence.”

In experiments that sought to see if dogs could indeed visually categorize pictures and transfer learning to new scenarios, the four subjects “were shown landscape and dog photographs and expected to make a selection on a computer touchscreen.” – [Engadget]

Now this opens up all kinds of possibilities. I love animals, however one thing that’s always been a downer is their inability to play F.E.A.R. with me on the computer, or better yet, Crysis.

But knowing that dogs can learn to operate computers means I may now be able to get some really quality frag time with my canine buddies… Awesome!! I’m gonna have to ask them why they’ve been holding out on me…

Perhaps out of fear of my Awesome l337 skillz…

Austrian researchers train dogs to use computers – [Engadget]

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