Double Standards for pot in Jakarta…

I just finished reading an interesting (actually I found it a somewhat humorous, but I’ll let you be the judge) article about the position of Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla on the use of Marijuana in Indonesia. He said (and I quote):

“It’s alright to use it as a food seasoning, but it should not be fully legalized,” – [Yahoo/Reuters]

Now is it just me, or does this sound a little half hearted? If it were illegal, shouldn’t it still be illegal to make curry with it? Or is curry a special case? Would you require a prescription to cook traditional style curry? And how about “Special” Brownies? AAARRGH!

But I guess smoking it is a special case that would be absolutely heinous… And should be punishable by death… You tell me.

Politician okays marijuana in food – [Yahoo/Reuters]

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