Driving test requires parking test no?

A young man is reported to have passed his driving test, with dubious results:

A student driver in Houston passed his test, then crashed the car into the Texas Department of Public Safety building. – [Yahoo/AP]

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you have to pass a parking test in order to pass a drivers test? Or did he hit a blunt in celebration after passing? Someone help me out here…

Honestly I think the parking test should include a solo session where you get to parallel park in the small space between endless rows of bikes, in front of a bar known to be frequented by your local bad news biker gang. Seriously. If you make it out of there in one piece, you pass…

Driver passes test, then hits building – [Yahoo/AP]

2 thoughts on “Driving test requires parking test no?

  1. Too funny! I know when I got my license, I am not going to say exactly how many years ago, the parallel parking test was way too easy. You had enough room to almost pull the vehicle in the spot

  2. LOL Nice… Nowadays, there are too many cars on the road for it to be this easy. I’d like to see really, really, hard driving tests where you have to be like a stunt driver to pass… :P

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