Ice cream trucks sells coke as well…

Now i’m sure some of you have heard of (or seen) variations of this practice many, many times, and to some the idea may even be humorous to a degree. But in reality I find this practice very despicable:

An ice cream truck parked in front of a junior high school was offering up cocaine and marijuana along with the soft serve, police said.

A police search of the vehicle uncovered a loaded pistol along with the drugs, police said Friday after arresting 26-year-old Jermaine Jordan on charges including criminal possession of a weapon near a school and criminal sale of a controlled substance near a school. – [AP]

To me, the most heinous part about this is the possibility that he could have been selling drugs to kids. If an adult decides they want to spend their whole life high on drugs, you know, that is their choice. But I think it is the lowest of the low to hook a kid on any addicting substance. It’s kinda like kicking their feet out from under them before they’ve even started the race. Makes the hackles on the back of my neck stand on end…

 NYPD: Drugs Sold Out of Ice Cream Truck – [AP]

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