Inconsiderate Clergymen…

I just read a rather perplexing story:

A Dutch priest has been fined 5,000 euros ($6,800) for ringing his church bells too loudly in the morning.

“The priest can ring his bells whenever he likes but he has to keep within noise regulations. People don’t appreciate it,” the spokesman said. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

OK, I don’t get it. Aren’t priests supposed to be considerate of others? Isn’t the Priest supposed to be looking out for the well being of his community?

The article does fail to mention if anyone actually talked to this Catholic priest about the whole bell ringing thing. But if they did, I’m surprised that he decided to ignore the wishes of his community. Or failed to attempt to explain why he needed to keep ringing the bell. Or compromise. Or something.

I just dunno. Are we ushering in a new breed of priest too? What is the world coming to?

Priest fined for early morning bell-ringing – [Yahoo/AP]

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