Is murdering your lawn a jailable offense?

Yet another story from the hallowed halls of unnecessary police escalations:

“A 70-year-old woman was left bruised and bleeding following a clash with a police officer in western Utah state. The woman’s offence? Failing to properly water her front lawn.” – [Yahoo/AFP]

Now I’m not going to say this lady is entirely blameless, as all she had to do was give the officer her name, and all of this would have been avoided. But the officers response wasn’t exactly on the level either. Obviously neither she nor her lawn was going anywhere, and her name and home address would be a matter of public record, so really, jail wasn’t necessary. It seems like both parties opted to do things the “hard” way. I’ll never understand why some folks always try to ice skate up hill…

Woman, 70, clashes with police over ‘neglected’ lawn – [Yahoo/AFP]

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