Places NOT to watch your Pr0n…

From the record vault of bad ideas. A Texas man chose a rather unusual place to catch a quick porn flick:

Police issued a citation for a man accused of watching pornography on his car DVD player. Cameron J. Walker, 24, of Irving, was issued misdemeanor citations for obscene display or distribution, not having a driver’s license and having an open container of alcohol, Fort Worth police said. – [Yahoo/AP]

Well, ya know, his wife probably kicked him out. That’s why he didn’t have his wallet. Or something. All right, I’m grabbin’ at straws. I got nuthin’. But what other reason would you possibly have to decide to kick back in your car with a cold brewski and watch a porn DVD in public?

Police cite man for watching porn in car – [Yahoo/AP]

5 thoughts on “Places NOT to watch your Pr0n…

  1. So this guy was cruising down the highway, drinking a brewsky, and watching porn?? And then he gets pinched by the 5.0? What a shame. In the spirit of thanksgiving, the police should have just conficated the beer and porn and watched it back at the station, you know?

  2. Seriously. I really don’t know what they were thinking. They had all the ingredients for a wild kegger back at the station, and what do they do? They gave the man a ticket. What is the world coming to these days?

  3. I’m not bullshitting you about this story I’m about to tell you, and no, this friend is code for me.

    But my friend had a gf who lived quite far away. He drove there, she gave him no booty, he had needs and so he took care of them on the way home…while driving.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, is that if you’re horny enough, you’ll do anything to satisfy that need. In this case, dude popped a porn on the car dvd player.

  4. LOL k, i’m gonna assume you meant to say “and no, this friend is not code for me.”

    Thing is, I get that. We got needs. It’s just, in a moving car? In public? Shoot, couldn’t the man pull over or summat?

    I’d think you could rank fapping and driving right up there with drunk driving. It could be just as detrimental to your driving ability…

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