Places that are unwise to rob. Armed or not…

I’ve probably mentioned before my theory about peoples lack of imagination causing them to do some not-so-bright things. Well, either I’m wrong, and this armed robber may actually have had a very vivid imagination, or I’m right and he just ain’t that smart:

A karate academy was not the best target for a robbery, a Colombian thief found when his attempt got the chop from practicing students, police said on Friday.

The robber was recovering in a hospital in Santander province north of Bogota after the martial artists used their combat skills and took away his gun. – [Yahoo/Reuters]

OK, so as I was saying, I can only assume this guy either “imagined” that he could walk into a karate academy and rob them at gunpoint, or wasn’t smart enough to look for an easier target. You make the call.

The wording of the article was funny though: “used thier combat skills”?? That’s putting it a little mildly isnt it? I mean, the man is recovering in a hospital ward! Sounds like he got a sound thrashing…

Gunman gets chop during karate robbery – [Yahoo/Reuters]

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