Randy Danes on the Train…

Today, a steamy story of lust, desire, passion… and freezing cold at a Danish train station:

Freezing passengers had called the DSB rail company to complain that they were stuck out in the cold due to the steamy love-making of a 37-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman.

Police were called in and finally put an end to the spectacle, lecturing the couple to “go back to their bed, away from prying eyes,” Andersen said.

“I guess they weren’t real Vikings (because) they remained dressed. That’s why we didn’t charge them with indecency,” he added. – [Yahoo/AFP]

OK, I have to admit, this made me laugh. Firstly because, if I were sitting in a train station and it was freezing outside, I would not leave the warmth of my station seat just because a couple decided to get it on in the train station. Much less call the cops on the cute couple. But I’m good like that.

But the other thing is, they were still fully clothed! I mean come on! If they had actually stripped down to their birthday suits in the middle of the station, then I might have understood everyones reaction. It would certainly have elicited, at the very least, a raised eyebrow from yours truly. But no. These folks were probably still bundled in their winter gear when the “look of love” struck them. And sent every other patron of the station packing.

Typical of the curmudgeon majority to voluntarily go stand out in the cold and then call the police on people minding their own “business”… Wusses… :P

Frisky couple leave Danish train passengers out in cold – [Yahoo/AFP]

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  1. Indeed. Life, in general, would become waaay more interesting if you knew a girl like this… :) Actually, now that I think about it, I’d be in jail of I knew a girl like this… ;)

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