Reactors For Nukes?

Ok, now this is rich:

North Korea’s nuclear envoy demanded Saturday that his country be given power-generating reactors as a reward for eventually dismantling its own atomic programs. …

… “In order to ultimately dismantle (the nuclear programs), light-water reactors should be given” to the North, Kim Kye Gwan told reporters before leaving Beijing, referring to a type of nuclear reactor that cannot be easily used to make bombs. – [Yahoo/AP]

First they thumb thier noses at us when we offer them light-water reactors in order to dissuade them from starting their own uranium enrichment programs. Then they decide to do their own thing, and proceed to build their own nuclear facilities. Now they are demanding that we give them light-water reactors in return for dismantling plants we (quite politely, and with many positive incentives, I might add) asked them not to build in the first place? These are the times when I wish I could smack people upside the head. Eeediots!!

N. Korea wants reactors for nukes – [Yahoo/AP]

2 thoughts on “Reactors For Nukes?

  1. Absolute nonsense! If they’re so smart and wealthy, build them reactors your damn selves. Check back in with us when you allow your people to vote and participate in government.

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