Stupidity in the nude.

OK, just read an article describing how this lady left 4 young girls, that she was supposed to be taking care of, alone. Just so she could go have some nudie shots taken…

A 20-year-old Syracuse woman who left children in her care to go pose for nude photos is facing several charges of endangering the welfare of a child. – [Yahoo/AP]

You know, I don’t get it. Notwithstanding the heinousness of leaving 4 young girls that were in her care to fend for themselves (especially in this day and age), how exactly was having another man taking nude pictures of her going to help her get back at your ex? First of all, I’m bettin’ there probably ain’t nothin’ there her ex hadn’t seen before. And even if there was, couldn’t it have waited until after she had returned the kids to their parents to do go flaunting it?

Equally baffling to me is this question. Once you have the pictures taken, then what? Mail them to him? Post it on the internet? How, exactly, would that be hurtful to him? If she dumped him, then she’d only be handing him more ammo against her. If he dumped her, it would only justify his actions.

In the long term, wouldn’t either action be more damaging to her than to him? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. And ultimately, no matter how she decided to get back at her ex, it still was not worth risking the welfare of innocent children to do so. It would appear that she preceded her rhinoplasty with a lobotomy…

Woman leaves kids to pose nude in woods – [Yahoo/AP]

2 thoughts on “Stupidity in the nude.

  1. Dude – how do you find this stuff!?
    Here is an alternate theory: Homegirl was butt ugly when she was dating her ex-. Through her various babysitting gigs, she saved up enough money for a complete make-over, including plastic and silicone implants everywhere. She was so proud of her complete transformation she wanted her ex- to see it in all its naked glory and let him know what he’s now missing. Brilliant plan, Michelle Rendino!
    This is one of those stories you would love to get a follow-up on, just to understand the nonsense better. But then you don’t care enough to remember to try to follow-up. :)

  2. LOL How do I find these? Let’s just say I read a lot… :)

    BTW, Nice alternative theory!! LOL! Though I’d have to say that she doesn’t seem that great of a person. If all she’s got going for her now is a nip/tuck and fresh silicone, and the man took her back on account of that alone, then they deserve each other, cause frankly, I can’t see how either one could have much more than bats going on up in the belfry…

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