The “Victorinox” Human Smuggling Ring…

In a recent post I talked about the jailbreak of a female prisoner who managed to evade detection by German detention center security by hiding in anothers suitcase. I will admit to being surprised they got away with it. However it seems that they aren’t the only ones to resort to this method of human trafficking:

A man hiding in a suitcase and a driver have been detained by Customs and Border Protection officers after a failed smuggling attempt – [Yahoo/AP]

Now under normal circumstances I would be making smart aleck comments about how these folks obviously didn’t think the plan through. However, because the victorinox carry-on uber jailfrau duo managed to successfully avoid detection of the “carry on” party, I shall to refrain from any such comments. Or at least try to.

Except that the samsonite boys fared quite poorly in their attempt. And, honestly, who am I kidding. I can’t help myself. I have to ask at least these two questions:

What kind of person honestly expects to get away with hiding in the one travel article that, in my humble opinion, should be very first thing that any self respecting security professional would search? And more importantly, how funny might it be to see what these people looked like, all contorted into their respective luggage, as it proceeded slowly through a luggage x-ray machine…?

Texas border agents find man in suitcase – [Yahoo/AP]

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