About The Author.

OK so this is the page where I surreptitiously tell you a lot of things about me, while telling you absolutely nothing. Confused? Good. Read on then.

Well, where do I begin. Many moons ago when I was but a twinkle in my fathers eye… No? You’re right, I suppose that’s too far back. Perhaps a little more current info would be helpful. If you want a little more personal detail, I have a FaceBook page. And a MySpace. Not that either of them will help or anything. I just like telling people I have a Facebook/MySpace page… No Twitter though. Death Before Twitter I say. Errr… Yeah…

The name is Phyreblade. And yes. I am quite the antisocial whack job. Or so people tell me. That and I’m wierd. On some days I’m not sure. On others, absolutely excstatic to be.

Go figure that one out. :D